Minecraft Version

Simple Ways to Change Current Minecraft Version

Different versions of Minecraft are developed to cater to different audiences, and there can be quite a few that you want to use. While some might say PE (Pocket Edition) is the best version for small screens, others might prefer Survival or Creative Mode. You can use various versions if you understand how to change Minecraft Version for Android/iOS.

How to Change Minecraft Version in the Settings Menu

To change Minecraft PE, go to your phone and tap on the app’s icon. Expand it to see the option of Settings. Then tap on the “About” button at the top right corner to bring up the About screen. Scroll down to the Minecraft PE version and check if there is any other version you want to use.

Changing by Downloading the Latest PE

If you want to use a different version of your choice, download the latest version from here and install it on your phone. You can find it in> Apps > Pocket Edition > Options > Available options.

Switch Version in the Settings on Android

As an Android user, tap on the More button at the bottom of your screen. From there, you will find a list of options for running Minecraft PE for Android, like turning on Airplane Mode or keeping the device awake. You have to click OK once you have chosen your preferred settings.

Settings on iOS Devices

As an iOS user, tap on the Options button below your Minecraft icon at the bottom corner of your screen. Then go to the “General” section and find the option for choosing from other versions of Minecraft PE.

How to Change Version

Accessing Other Versions of PE on Android

Once you are at the Settings Menu screen, tap on the Edit button at the bottom right corner. That brings up a popup allowing you access to other editions of Minecraft PE. You can use any other version downloaded and installed on your phone. Select any edition, and a new tab will be opened, bringing up information on it.

Accessing Other Versions of PE on iOS

If you want to find other versions of Minecraft PE for iOS, tap on the icon at the bottom corner of your screen. Then go to> Delete Account, and an invitation screen will appear. Click on the “Delete from Apple Store” button, and a new page containing information about Minecraft PE will appear where you can download and install other editions.


The steps above show how to change Minecraft Version for Android/iOS. You can access different versions of this game without much trouble using these methods. Follow the steps carefully, and you will have a better gaming experience.

How to Change Minecraft Version

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