Vines in Minecraft

Seven Ways How to Get Vines in Minecraft

This article will explain how to get vines in Minecraft. If you are looking for information on getting vines in Minecraft, this article is what you have been waiting for.

How to Get Vines in Minecraft: 7 Easy Ways

First, the basics of getting vines in Minecraft are split into seven ways. You can use blocks to generate vines and wire yourself a way to get your vines. The other two options are using items that can be obtained from the Nether, or they are spawner eggs that also spawn vines if placed in the world. The items and blocks will be listed below.

How to Get Vines in Minecraft

Step 1: Find a Hole in the Ground

In Minecraft’s infinite abyss, dark and treacherous holes are in the ground. These holes are spawns for hostile mobs and vines that can be harvested as ropes for all your construction needs, including getting more blocks to build new structures on top of those same holes.

If you find any of these dark caves either underground or underwater, it is worth exploring them to see if there are any strings of tree saplings or vines waiting to be plucked from their branches.

Step 2: Punch a Tree Trunk

If you are playing in Creative mode, you can use your infinite resources to cut down a tree and carve out its trunk. If you are not playing Creative, you can try punching any tree (or other wood-containing blocks of your choice) to get a vine that way.

Vines are crafted with four pieces of wood, which means it will take quite a few punches to get just one vine. It is also worth noting that you can use a shovel to mine out a tree’s trunk instantly, but it is much more efficient to hit the log with an axe until it breaks.

Step 3: Search Desert Temples

These structures spawn in desert biomes and often contain valuable loot – including vines! In Minecraft, vines are another tool that isn’t much better than your standard tools like the pickaxe or the shovel. Vines will easily break your blocks; if you die, they’re lost forever (unless you have a bed to respawn on).

Getting Vines guide

Step 4: Go Fishing

One of the most common ways to find vines is to use a fishing rod. Your chances for success on any given try are low, but you should be able to get a few of these after fishing for just a little while. You can also find them in underground caverns, but they’re more commonly found while fishing.

Step 5: Use a Silk Touch Enchantment on an Axe

If you don’t want to bother searching for vines – or if you want more than the four pieces one vine provides – it is time to get creative with an enchantment table. This tool can add a silk touch enchantment to any axe, which means chopping down a tree will automatically give you the wood from the trunk. You’ll still need a pickaxe to break stone and other materials, but this will help make up for the lack of vines on trees in the world.

Step 6: Use a Compass on Vines

Another use for your compass is to locate nearby vines if you don’t think you’d be able to find them otherwise. It will show you where they are even when growing underground in some caverns or temples, so long as there’s at least one block of air above them (so they can grow). You’ll want to check the vines under an arch or any place growing close to each other. It is also possible to find vines that sometimes take the form of a wall (like a cave wall) and only break when you walk through them.

Minecraft  Vines

Step 7: Dig Up the Vines

Finally, don’t forget that some caves contain vine spawners in their walls – these can be dug up with your pickaxe without difficulty. These little spawner blocks can be used to make extra vines whenever you need them, and they’re often found underground in biomes such as desert temples or ravines.


Vines are essential for building structures with wood. Since Minecraft’s crafting system allows you to build almost anything you can think of, you must harvest wood to build your structures. Intricate structures with multiple redwood trees will require many vines to craft.

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