Mobs in Minecraft

How to Turn Mobs Off in Minecraft

The mobs are the aggressive creatures in Minecraft that players need to attack or avoid. Players, such as spiders and zombies, will confront many packs while playing Minecraft. There is a need to know how to turn off mobs in Minecraft so as not to get killed.

How to Turn Off Mobs in Minecraft with Mob Spawner

Players can go over the spawners to get the mobs, but they will also need to know how to turn off the mobs in Minecraft because the spawners will cause problems for players. The spawned mobs will chase after players no matter how far they are away from them.

The easiest way to turn off the mobs in Minecraft is by destroying all of their spawner blocks. The spawned mobs will not appear unless they have enough space to spawn. There are other ways that players can use if they need more pickaxes or shovels to destroy all of them at once.

How to Turn Off Mobs in Minecraft

Commands for Mobs

Players can use commands to turn mobs off in Minecraft. The easiest way to do that is because it is simple and speedy. They will not need to destroy blocks or avoid those mobs from chasing after them. The following are the commands for turning mobs off in Minecraft:

/gamerule doMobSpawning false – turns off the mob spawning from the Nether, The End, dungeons and other places. /gamerule doMobLoot false – turns off the dropped items upon killing enemies. /kill @e – kills all of the enemies in the game at once.

Mobs Killed Tab

The Mobs Killed Tab is a simple and fast way to check which mobs have been killed. This option is also available in Minecraft’s command on how to turn off mobs. Players need to open up their inventory and check for the mobs that have been killed.

 Turn Off Mobs


Enderman is an aggressive mob in Minecraft, where they will instantly teleport towards you and attack if they are within a certain distance of you. They can be easily killed by a bow, sword or any other weapon that runs out of ammo quickly.

Mobs Minecraft


The above are some ways to turn off mobs in Minecraft. The commands are relatively simple and easy to use if players want a fast method of turning off mobs. The other two methods require players to get some items and destroy blocks, which will take time to complete. Some of the mobs can also be very aggressive, such as Enderman, when they are within a certain distance of you.

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