Map in Minecraft

How to Copy a Map in Minecraft Game

Suppose you want to create map in Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition). This blog will show you exactly how to copy a map in Minecraft. All one needs is access to a free Minecraft PE resource pack through the in-game store. However, some resources are different from other resource packs. For more information on Minecraft PE, read this article.

How to Copy a Map in Minecraft: Log In to Your Account

Register/Log into Minecraft PE with Your Google Account. The first step is registering or logging into your Google account by tapping the G+ icon shaped like a person (Google).

On top of the screen, one will see the G+, Play Games, and Create New Profile icons, which makes it easy to find when I want to log in.

How to Copy a Map in Minecraft

Download a Resource Pack From The In-Game Store

Once logged in, go to the store by tapping on the icon at the top of the screen. When the store loads up, one should browse the various available resource packs and select one they like. One is recommended to use the latest Mojang Update, within Minecraft PE Version 0.9.5.

Hit Installs Resource Pack and a confirmation screen will pop up asking if you want to spend emeralds for this resource pack.
Copy Map in Minecraft

Copy the Resource Files

Copy the Resource Files into Your Resource Packs Folder OnMobile Device. The resource pack files need to be copied into the resource packs folder for Minecraft PE and will vary depending on the device.

Start and Enjoy Your Copy of a Map

Start Minecraft PE and Select the Resource Pack. The game will automatically select the resource pack if placed in the correct location; otherwise, one must go to the menu options and change it.

After switching maps and starting a new world in Minecraft PE, there should be a slight difference on your map compared to when using the default or other resource packs.

Map Copying in Minecraft


Copying a map in Minecraft PE will allow players to save their creations without dealing with the hassle of selling old mods, texture packs, or resource packs. Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) (previously Split Screen or Pocket Edition) is the mobile edition of the original game, developed by Mojang and built off Minecraft Java Edition.

It features most of the same content present in the PC/Mac version of the game and some exclusive content. The new edition allows players on Android and iOS devices to use their mouse and keyboard with a touchscreen device, which changes gameplay quite a bit.

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