Minecraft Mob

Three Ways to Understand What is a Minecraft Mob

Get three easy ways to understand what is a Minecraft mob. A mob in Minecraft can be attacked or eaten by players or mobs that they’ve spawned in their world.

What is a Minecraft Mob: Three Types of Creatures

A certain type of Mob can also spawn on other people’s worlds if the player has tamed one with the right seed. However, some mobs are better than others. The term mob is short for mobile, meaning they can move around, and most have AI (Artificial Intelligence).

What is a Minecraft Mob?

The Hostile Mobs are a type of Mob created by Mojang AB, but not directly by Notch from Minecraft. They were added in Alpha version 0.9.0 and were described as follows:

The Wither

The Wither was added to Minecraft in 1.3.1, and it says, “It is a skeletal being surrounded by a black, indestructible core with arms and legs made out of iron blocks.” It also has “piercing white eyes” and “black, lanky hair” on its head.

It was described as follows: When you look at him, he looks right back at you. But you can’t look away (His stare is hypnotizing). The Wither’s core and all its arms and legs are made of a corrupted version of iron blocks. It attacks by firing a beam of fire from its core at the player. If it catches the player, his health rapidly decreases.

“The kill is not only done by the Wither itself, but also other mobs might attack you at once during the fight.”

The Zombie Mob

Zombies are introduced to Minecraft in 1.0.6, which says, “Zombies are hostile mobs that spawn in groups, which then run towards you on all fours looking for your flesh to eat. They drop bones when killed. They can also be spawned by a level 2 or higher skeleton spawn egg.”

They can drop the village key when killed by the player. Zombies will also attack other mobs if they are nearby.

Minecraft Mobs

When attacked, the player has a chance of getting bitten. The bite will cause the player’s health to decrease slowly, with hunger and thirst setting in rapidly after that. Zombies can be kept as pets. However, these pets will not attack animals and villagers.

The Zombie Pigman

Zombie Pigmen were added in 1.2.2, which says, “A zombie that is not only fleshy but also has a flaming torch on its head. Its name is Pigman, made from a pig’s body and a man’s upper body (the Zombie Pigman is half man, half pig).”  “As for their attack, they swing their arms wildly at you in hopes of hitting you with their torch.”  “Sometimes the Zombie Pigman may drop pork chops or golden swords.


The mob type of Minecraft Pocket Edition is unique. They don’t eat people precisely like the hostile mobs, though they have that side effect and will not attack villagers. Instead, they will “attack” them by staring at them, and after that, they will increase their speed to run rapidly toward the player.

But on the downside, a mob’s health may decrease more rapidly than a regular mob’s despite having fewer health points than other mobs. It can be hazardous if you’re fighting against multiple mobs (like in a boss fight), especially if you’re swimming in water or boats while fighting them. In this case, it can be beneficial to kill those mobs fast before their speed increases or their health decreases worsen.

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