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Five Facts on How Big is a Minecraft Map

Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) is a game for Android and iOS that allows you to play Minecraft on your mobile phone. The map in this game is smaller than the regular Minecraft map because it needs to be compatible with the size of a phone screen. Read on for more information about how big is a Minecraft Map.

How Big is a Minecraft Map: Checking Real Size

The size of an area in Minecraft depends on each block’s height, length, and width. Players get 16 blocks per chunk which get 4x4x4 in total when all chunks are combined. Each block in Minecraft is 16 x 16 x 16, meaning that the map in Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) is 256 blocks by 256 blocks by 256.

To make it easier to understand, here’s how big a Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) map is in real life. A Minecraft PE world is almost exactly the size of the Isle of Man, which measures 91 square kilometers (35.5 square miles). The only difference is that players cannot walk on water in Minecraft.

How Big is a Minecraft Map

Different Types of Maps

Players can choose to play in an infinite world or a pre-defined one. Three versions of a Minecraft PE pre-defined map are listed below. Even though the size of all three is the same, some of them have different biomes, and one cannot choose what type of map one wants to play on Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition).

A Flat Map

It contains biomes like forests, taiga, Savanna, jungle, desert, and tundra. It has a default spawn point, and the dimensions of the world are 256x256x256. Probably one of the most popular maps.

A Survival Mode Map

Size of Minecraft Map
In this survival map, the player has to be careful not to kill any mobs because they will become aggressive and attack. It has biomes like deserts, villages, taiga, plains, and ocean biomes. A player can Nether change the default spawn point. The dimension of this map is 256x512x128.

A PvP Map

Commonly used map for Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition). It only has a particular area for the PvP arena and is very similar to the Survival mode map but without hostile mobs. It also has a Nether but no spawn point, meaning you have to travel there to play on it. The dimension of this map is 256x512x256, also known as a Big Map.
How Big Minecraft Map


The size of a Minecraft PE map is 256 blocks by 256 blocks by 256, as stated in the article. This information gives you a better understanding of how big Minecraft PE maps are and how they differ from the regular Minecraft map size. It also helps players decide which type of map they want to play on and if they should even choose one of the three maps available in the game.

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