how to add textures to Minecraft PE

How to Add Exciting Textures to Minecraft Pocket Edition

The Player may need to spice up their Minecraft experience and ability to make worlds look more as they imagined they would. All of these things are achieved by using textures, but there are rules to be followed so that your textures will work properly in one’s world. By following these rules, players will have an easier time adding textures and making their Minecraft creations look as realistic as possible. The following steps tell how to add textures to Minecraft PE (MCPE).

How to Add Textures to Minecraft PE: Getting Started

The first thing one needs to do is download the MCPE Master Builder app from the App Store. This application will give players access to all the textures necessary for downloading and installing new textures.

Next, open up the MCPE game on your device, enter settings, and then click on texture packs. Their Player will find a list of every texture pack installed on their game. From here, a player can turn off any that are not desired or are unnecessary, then just hit done.

To download more textures, search them by name in the search bar at the top of this screen. Players see an icon next to any available texture pack and a description, allowing them to decide what they want to install onto their game.

 textures Minecraft PE

Gathering Resources

To add textures in MCPE, one needs a texture pack of Their choice. These can be found on the internet for free or purchased from the store. After the texture pack is downloaded, go ahead and open up your favourite image editing software.

The Player must read the instructions first and ensure everything is set up correctly before proceeding. Please select the area of the world map where they would like to add textures by cropping out a section of the screen.

Afterwards, click the Export button at the top right corner of the screen. Select Save As and name the File accordingly (for example, world texture). Make sure to use an uncompressed file format such as PNG or BMP. Click OK when done, then press File> Close.

adding textures to Minecraft PE

Creating New Folders

One has to create a new folder on the computer and name it whatever one wants. Now, download the textures you want to add. Downloading textures can be tricky because some people might say they are free, but textures are actually charged after downloading them.

A person is required to read the terms before downloading anything! After that, proceed to find the File in the downloads folder and drag it into a new folder on the computer. Repeat this process for every texture that you want to add.

Then, connect the phone with a USB cable and copy all of the files from your computer onto it. Once all those files are copied over, disconnect from the phone, open Minecraft PE, go to options (it is next to settings) and fine textures.

From there, one should see all of the folders that you created. Select whichever one has its textures in it. All of those textures will now appear in-game!

textures in minecraft

Using Colour Schemes

The colours one chooses for their creation will depend on what kind of effect one wants it to have. A person needs to experiment with different shades and combinations to find the texture that suits the project.

Bottom Line

Create a new world, and then press the edit button. Press the change texture pack button and select one of the textures on the device. Press has been done, and you will see your creations in a different style!

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