Command Block Minecraft

How to Get a Command Block in Minecraft PE

A command block in Minecraft PE can be very useful, especially if one is tired of having to type in the same commands repeatedly or if they want to give players special abilities within your world. So, how to get a command block in Minecraft PE?

To get it, one must first craft it, which isn’t too difficult but does require some materials, such as Redstone, iron ingots and wood planks. If a player cannot access these materials, try trading with them.

How to Get a Command Block in Minecraft PE

How to Get a Command Block in Minecraft: List of Commands

  • Open the game, and find the version number on the screen
  • Tap on it, then tap the update button 2x
  • The update will ask if one wants to download and install it; tap yes
  • Wait for the installation process to finish
  • Players should now see that they have the command block! To use it, walk up to it and type /give @p Minecraft:command_block without the quotes.
  • If one does not see any of these commands working, they ensure they have an updated copy of Minecraft PE 7.

Where to Find Command Blocks?

Command blocks are one of the newest additions to Minecraft. They allow for some cool gameplay mechanics that were not possible before, such as teleportation between worlds or loading multiple chunks at once.

One can find command blocks in the creative inventory, making them easy to use and accessible for all players, regardless of experience level.

How to Get a Command Block in Minecraft PE: Getting Started

Open up your creative inventory in a world where you can access command blocks and select get from the menu.

Minecraft Command Block making guide

If one does not see any, they can make their world with command blocks or press backspace when playing so that they are on an existing map with them. When a player has found the block, click on it to get it out of your inventory. Now you are ready to play around with this new block!

Crafting Recipe

One needs Redstone, iron ingots, and gold nuggets to craft a command block. To obtain Iron ingots, smelt iron ore from the ground or stone slabs. Gold nuggets are obtained by smelting gold ore from the ground or stone slabs.

Place one iron ingot on the left-hand side of the crafting table and one gold nugget on the right-hand side. Put four Redstone dusts around the two items and right-click with an empty hand to craft the command block. Now the player can place it wherever they want.

Final Words

If one wants access to command blocks, one needs a PC edition of the game. However, if one has the mobile edition? These are some steps they can take to get their hands on one. First, go to the Options tab and select Resource Packs. Next, select the resource pack that says Command Blocks and load it.

Command Block Minecraft PE

Now open up Minecraft PE and walk around until you see an orange wool block with blue wool sticking out of it. Walk up to it and right-click it to pull it down, then right-click again on the top of the wool block. It should now be placed as flooring. You now have access to all commands via this command block.

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