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Dynamic Ways to Download a Minecraft Skin

There are many reasons one might want to download a custom Minecraft skin for PE. Yours first world may be dull or looking for something new and challenging. One can change skins after been playing PE for years. Get a simple tutorial on how to download a Minecraft skin in easy steps.

How to Download a Minecraft Skin in 5 Steps

Many people enjoy the game and want to show off their custom skin to everyone else on their friend list. This post will give an idea of How to Download a Minecraft Skin pack.

How to Download a Minecraft Skin

  1. Install the Google Drive app on the device. Search the store for “drive”, Select “Play Store” (Android) / “App Store” (iOS). Select Search for “Drive” Click on the Drive app. Click to download and install When it is complete, open the app and create a new file. If it exists already, selects the drop-down menu.
  2. Go to Google Drive. Select “Upload files” in the menu on the left side of the screen. one can either create a new folder or select an existing one. Make sure that the extension is .mcpack or .mcworld
  3. Drag and drop desired Minecraft skin from the computer’s file explorer directly into the .mcpack file. Created/opened in Google Drive. one can do this for as many skins as they need to, but make sure that each skin is in its folder and that each skin will have its subdirectory within the MCPack file on Google Drive (i.e. Custom_Skin-1, Custom_Skin-2, etc.)
  4. Wait for all the skins to upload, and then select “Download” in the file drop-down menu. One can find your customized skin in the file explorer on your device. Select and copy to on the device.
  5. Once downloaded, go back into Minecraft Pocket Edition, select world options from the main screen, and select “Import.” Select the .mcpack or .mcworld file that is downloaded from Google Drive. Once done importing, select “Play Game”. Enjoy your new default skin.

Downloading Minecraft Skins
Note: If One tries to open by tapping, nothing will happen, and a file explorer that can view .mcpack files (like ES File Explorer) may be required.
Minecraft Skins


Now you can be a pro at downloading Minecraft skins on your phone. This guide helped me understand Minecraft skins and how to download them on Android and iOS devices.

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