Player Heads

How to Get Cool Player Heads in Minecraft PE

Are you a player that loves Minecraft and putting player heads on the bodies of mobs? If one is new to the game or has never done it before, this blog post will show how to get player heads in Minecraft PE, including where to find them and what one needs to do to spawn them into the player game world.

What Are Player Heads?

Player heads are cosmetic items worn on the player’s head. When worn, they show up as a 3D model of a player’s head and will be replaced by the default skin if taken off. There are no other benefits or drawbacks to wearing a player head besides looking awesome!

How to Get Player Heads in Minecraft PE

How to Get a Trophy Head in Vanilla Minecraft PE

To get a trophy head, one needs a skull, an iron, or a diamond pickaxe. In addition, they need to find a naturally generated structure made up of three blocks high with one block wide. Once found, mine the top-most block of the structure.

This will drop your skull and create a natural platform from which the player can jump. It may take a few tries before finding one with the right shape. If the player fails on the first try, it may be easier to go back and mine another block instead of trying to make adjustments when hanging off one.

Getting the Trophy

Make sure there are no players nearby, and then take out your weapon while standing on the edge of this new platform. Swing once at any other player within range (about 15 blocks), and they will die instantly.

Getting a Trophy Head Without Mods

The player’s head trophy is the most incredible item one can get in the game, but it is not easy to find. There are a few ways to find a player head without mods; if lucky, one will be near their current location. The first way is by going into the Nether and looking for an urn.

This urn may contain a player’s head inside of it. The second way is by going into the End world and looking for an urn. These urns have a higher chance of containing heads than the ones found in the Nether. Lastly, some dungeons spawn randomly around different biomes.

Player Heads in Minecraft PE

If these dungeons happen to spawn near where you are currently located, they could have player heads inside their chests, or their towers could have them sitting on top.

Getting More Trophy Heads

If players want to increase the number of trophy heads that spawn in their world, they can do it in three different ways.

Increasing Trophy Heads

  • Using a mod for Minecraft.
  • Using a texture pack.
  • Editing the world configuration file on a PC or Mac.

The player may use whichever method works best for them, but if they were going with one of the options other than mods, installing an add-on called Mo’ Villages will make sure all villages have players and pigs in them.

Note: If a player is playing on iOS 10+, They might also want to install an Anti-IAP tweak, which will prevent app store purchases from working.

Getting Player Heads in Minecraft


To get player heads in Minecraft Pocket Edition, the player needs to have a world import. Once players have one, they need to download and extract the map. They are using WinRAR or 7-Zip. After extracting the map files, find your mclevel file from your folder and drag it into the world folder where the others are.

Mclevel files are located. Next, open up the Maps app and select Load Map. Then choose the mclevel file you want to play with!

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