Map in Minecraft

Nine Ways Upgrade a Map in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks. At the most basic level, you can use their avatar to move around the world, gather resources from their environment, or use them to create new objects or trade with villagers for other items. The above is possible when you know how to upgrade a map in Minecraft. Players can download maps on Android tablets or phones to play on devices running MCPE.

How To Upgrade a Map in Minecraft: Instal MCPE

If the player wishes to continue using an old version of the game (example: 1.5) after upgrading to a new version (1.6), they will need to first run the “Back up your worlds” procedure before deleting and re-creating their worlds.

To install a map, players must have already downloaded it, usually from an online source or another player. The downloaded map must be in the file format used by MCPE version 1.3 or higher (1.3 and up).

Before the player starts, they must ensure that they have downloaded the new version of MCPE (1.6) to their devices. For example, players can download “Pocket Edition” on their Android tablet or iPhone from Google Play:

  • Android: Google Play – Minecraft Pocket Edition
  • iPhone/iPad: App Store – Minecraft Pocket Edition.

How To Upgrade a Map in Minecraft

Install Your Map

When a player installs a map on a device running a newer version of MCPE, the game will automatically create a new folder inside /games/com.Mojang/Minecraft worlds/. The folder contains all the worlds installed on the device when you install an old-style (. mcworld file) world.

The game will unzip it (or extract the file) and create a folder inside /games/com.Mojang/Minecraft worlds/ called “McWorld.” If the map is created in a different format, the game will not unzip it until you restart Minecraft. The new version of MCPE accepts only. mcworld files. If players want to save their world, they can use another program like WinZip or 7zip to extract. McWorld files.

Start MCPE and Create a New World

Once a map is installed, the player can start Minecraft Pocket Edition and choose to create a new world. Using the touchscreen, they can select the option to choose the map. Then they should select the map they want to use. The game creates a new world that uses all of the blocks, settings, items, and entities found in the old version’s map files. When players start playing in their new world, everything will be as it was before in their old world. This way, one does not have to play through all of your old maps starting with nothing.

Save And Quit

Players will want to save their new world before they quit the game. Many players would prefer to keep a copy of their old worlds if they need to copy them back onto the device. To save a world, players can use the touchscreen interface to select “Save” and choose a folder to save the world files.
Minecraft map

Delete Map Files For the Old Version

When players install a map on MCPE, it creates folders for that map inside /games/com.Mojang/Minecraft worlds/. The game does not create backups of old-style maps. Therefore, if you want to delete a map for the older version (1.5), you must delete the folder for that world in /games/com.Mojang/Minecraft worlds/. If you want to migrate a map from one device to another without deleting it, you can copy or move the folder from the old-version device to the new one.

Prepare Copy of the MCPE

Players should to ensure that the old world is backed up in case something goes wrong with the new world. If players want to save their old world, they can use the “Back up your worlds” procedure to create a copy of their world.

Reinstall MCPE And Open the Game

The game will unzip the file and create a folder inside /games/com.Mojang/Minecraft worlds/. The game will create folders for the. mcworld files in /games/com.Mojang/Minecraft worlds/. If it doesn’t do this, then they must restart Minecraft or choose to quit and restart their device before continuing with this step.

Load New World/Backup

Players can select the “Load” button on the touchscreen to load a map and their world. A player should use the “Backup” option to copy their old worlds if they have them.

If players have copies of their worlds from an older version, they do not need to create new worlds when switching versions. Instead, they can follow these same steps but choose an old style. McWorld file when prompted to “Choose your save.”

Upgrading Map


The main objective of this process is to back up an existing map before starting the migration. Current maps will be used as backups, so there are no extra expenses involved in this process.

The player should copy their old worlds from one device to another without deleting them. For example, players can use Dropbox to share files across multiple devices. Then if you start using MCPE 1.6 on your new device, you can access your old-world folders through Dropbox or Google Drive and play with old worlds using MCPE 1.

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