Kill All Mobs

Best Ways to Kill all Mobs in Minecraft PE

Different devices have different methods for killing mobs. Minecraft does not have an in-game option for killing all mobs. You would want to know how to kill all mobs in the Minecraft world for many reasons. Common sense is to refrain from interfering with your current adventure or to start a new one without having any monsters near you at the beginning. Some people like having no monsters around because they enjoy building without worrying about being attacked.

How to Kill All Mobs in Minecraft with Mod

The first way to kill all mobs in Minecraft is through a mod. The most accessible method because other mods will already add these features to your world. You wouldn’t need to change your current world or make any changes.

How to Kill All Mobs in Minecraft

You need the following tools to install this method:

  • The Minecraft PE
  • Mod loader
  • This mod by Psycrow
  • Resource packs for this method
  • Tweak
  • Minecraft PE Selector
  • Minecraft PE Map Maker
  • A resource pack to use for the map maker

Kill Mobs on Server

The second way to kill all mobs in Minecraft is through a server. The same as a mod, but you do it through the server instead of changing your world. You can find servers using websites such as You could even run your home server with this built-in feature.

mobs killing

Kill Minecraft Mobs Glitch

The third and most challenging way to kill all mobs in Minecraft is the use the glitch introduced in Update 0.8 – Pocket Edition. The latest update, 0.14.0_03, will make this glitch less effective, but it is still possible. Try only to make this glitch often if you are okay with being banned on your Mojang account for using exploits.


Killing all mobs in Minecraft is a noticeable feature, but it may not be enjoyable for some people. Fortunately, several mods allow you to have this feature without opening your world in-game. The first is the mod, which will enable you to quickly kill all mobs from anywhere—after that, choosing a different server is always a good idea.

minecraft mob killed

Using the glitch for killing all mobs can get one banned if used too often. This article listed several options that you can choose from based on your current adventure games and skills.

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