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First Steps on Making a Big Map in Minecraft PE

Minecraft is a great game that allows players to build environments. The game is considered an open-ended sandbox where one creates anything they want, from huge cities to sprawling forests and snow-capped mountains. There are a variety of maps for text-based games that are found on Minecraft servers like Oasis. This post will show how to make a big map on Minecraft for the adventure mode of Oasis in Minecraft.

How to Make a Big Map on Minecraft: Quick Guide

First, download game files. Please visit Minecraft’s homepage:

Please install Minecraft, and you should see a window with the title “Minecraft” and a box called “Choose Profile.” Click on the drop-down list and select your name or one that you would like to create. You will be asked to create a new profile and give it a password. Then, click on the “Create New Profile” button at the bottom of this dialog box.

How to Make a Big Map on Minecraft

Once you are done, click “Play Game” in the upper left corner of Minecraft’s window.

Create a New World in Minecraft

After you launch Minecraft, click on the new button on the title screen to create a new world. You can enter an optional seed word (for more variety) or press the Create New World button. If you do not enter anything, your world will be random, like most previous Minecraft worlds I’ve played. After pressing the Create New World button, your game will start generating terrain, which can take a while, but it’s worth getting a large map for text-based games like Oasis.

Build a Large Map on Minecraft

Here are the steps you need to take to get a large map on Minecraft:

Dragon on Big Map

  1. First, find an area of flat land, or build a house or building with an area where you can put your map.
  2. Then, use the cursor to select one block high by one block wide by one block deep and place it in the ground (with the tiles around).
  3. Now, use the cursor button and “A” key to select all blocks surrounding the new foundation.
  4. Then right-click on those blocks and check if they are edited. If they are not, click on that button again once you have selected all edited blocks.

Download a World Seed for Minecraft Adventure Mode Oasis

Download a World Seed for Minecraft Adventure Mode Oasis from the following website: and write it down in notepad (for convenience).

Play Adventure Mode in Minecraft with Seeds at Oasis

Go to Oasis and then click the adventure tab on the main menu. Click on a world seed of your choice to play adventure mode.

Big Minecraft maps


How to Create a Huge Map in Minecraft Using Minecarts is Explained. Download a world seed for adventure mode and play Minecraft with it on Oasis. This article helped you make a large map on Minecraft. Cheers!

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