Swim in Minecraft

Useful Minecraft Swimmer Facts

This tutorial will teach you how to swim in Minecraft by enabling your player’s ability to Breath Underwater at will. It includes three easy steps that take no more than two minutes once they’re selected on your keyboard keys or controller triggers.

How to Swim in Minecraft: 4 Useful Facts

Minecraft is an open-world game that features a variety of biomes and resources with which to build, explore and survive. One of the many biomes in Minecraft is the underwater world, where players can create bases on the ocean floor or spend hours hunting for treasure. Swimming in Minecraft introduces a new set of challenges, often forcing players to bounce between surface and underwater breathing methods regularly.

How to Swim in Minecraft

Build a Pool

First, build a pool of water so you can easily access the pool floor.

When building the pool, ensure it is at least two blocks deep. If no more than two blocks deep, your player can walk on water and break the surface. This breaks the surface and lets air in, preventing you from being able to breathe underwater anymore.

To build a pool in Minecraft:

  • Dig out a cube-shaped hole to swim in three-by-three length or width. The pool should be at least two blocks deep.
  • Follow these instructions to dig out blocks in Minecraft. It will take up to 30 minutes to dig a pool.

Get Ready for Swimming

Now that you’ve built the pool for swimming, it’s time for some training. For this step, you will practice moving into and out of the water without holding your breath. Now we can be ready for swimming.

Practice Walking Into and Out of the Pool

Before you are  comfortable swimming in Minecraft, practice moving into and out of the water. These movements will help you learn to breathe underwater. The goal is to get comfortable walking across the water’s surface without holding your breath.

Minecraft Swimming

To practice moving in and out of the pool in Minecraft, click on the player name to open inventory (inventory). After you do this, you can walk through any glass-like block, like air or solid block, and bedrock.   This is how you’ll know that you’re in a safe place where your player will not drown once they stop breathing underwater.

Make an Underwater Entrance

If you’re uncomfortable moving into and out of the pool, you can try making an underwater entrance. Here, you can float in water without the risk of drowning. To make the underwater entrance, follow these steps:

  • Once you do this, a small pocket of air will form around your player and prevent them from being able to drown. This is useful if you want to practice walking/swimming in Minecraft but are still deciding whether to give up your surface oxygen.
  • Your player can still breathe underwater as long as they are in their air pocket.
  • Your player will not drown as long as they remain in their air pocket.
  • Your player will not drown even if they take damage from outside sources like a creeper exploding or apples dropping.
  • Your player will still be able to eat food, drink water and open chests in the water, though eating or drinking water does not replenish your oxygen level underwater. Water chests always refill with water regardless of whether your player is wearing a helmet.

Swim under water in Minecraft


Hopefully, this tutorial has shown how to enable the ability to swim underwater in Minecraft. You should now be able to breathe underwater and will be prepared for more complicated tasks like swimming through deep water, caves or lava.

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