How to Get Mob Heads in Minecraft

Four Ways to Get Mob Heads in Minecraft PE

In Minecraft Pocket Edition, you must acquire rare items to create mob heads. Anybody can gather these items, but it takes a lot of work to progress in the game after that. Luckily, there are a few tricks you can use to speed up your mob head acquisition. This article will cover how to get mob heads in Minecraft PE for Android/iOS. Each section explains how it works and why it helps get these heads faster. All methods work for Android and iOS devices because they use inventory hacks made universal across all devices.

How to Get Mob Heads in Minecraft by Killing a Mob

You can get a mob head by killing a mob, such as Zombies, Slime, or an Enderman. There are plenty of mobs to choose from in Minecraft PE. You have a chance of getting it to drop when you kill the mob. The drop rate is rare, but it depends on how many mobs you kill.

The probability of getting a mob head from killing one mob is taking more than one in ten thousand.

Mob Heads in Minecraft

Trading with a Villager

Another way to get a mob head is by trading with a villager. A villager in Minecraft PE will give you items for every 50 of your gold bars. If you have plenty of gold bars, getting a mob head from the villagers is possible.

Getting Heads by Trading with Other Players

Another way to trade with other players is by using an item called Wither Skulls, available for trade in-game. You can get a mob head from another player when they have given you some of them. If a player wants to give you something, they must first ensure that you will give them back the item in return and then wait for your response before they can trade anything.

Mob Heads

Killing an Enderman

You can also get a mob head from killing an Enderman in Minecraft PE. The drop rate is low, and you will need to kill a lot of Endermen. Sometimes it takes ten to twenty kills to get a mob head from them. The probability of getting the mob head drops is around one in one hundred thousand.


Knowing how to get mob heads in Minecraft PE is the key to success. You can use them later in your gameplay to make your own unusual mob head collection. Mob heads can be a great deal of fun and also hold some value because they can be used as currency.

Get Mob Heads

To exchange with other players, you need a chest, keep the items in a chest, and store it somewhere where no one else knows about it. Then it would help if you placed torches around so that mobs will never spawn there and go inside when you want to trade something.

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