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Three Basic Techniques to Level up Maps in Minecraft PE

Ever since Minecraft PE, a game available on Android and iOS versions that released in late 2012 every ten years, you tried to find how to level up maps in Minecraft PE. Over 1 million downloads per day on the Android version and over 650 thousand daily downloads on the iOS version.

How to Level Up Maps in Minecraft PE: Basic Techniques

Many different modifications available for these platforms can provide unlimited skill levels without buying map packs or premium content. These mods allow players to play all their favorite maps with a few tweaks by adding new features or changing certain aspects of the map, such as world size, mobs, etc. What does One Need?

Minecraft PE 0.11 or more excellent uses the Alpha version to Level Up Minecraft Map 2 mod. Download Creative mode maps and a Google account for saving maps.

How to Level Up Maps in Minecraft

To use this article, you need to be logged in on your Google account so we can save maps. You can log in and out at any time.

How Do We Start

Click here to visit the website. Once there, install the mod. Go to “Level Up Maps” in the selection menu and drag the map you want for leveling up into it. Save it afterward and restart Minecraft PE if needed. Players recommended logging out and logging in again for their newly added map to show up first thing every time they start Minecraft PE from now on.
Level Up Map

How Does Leveling Up Maps in Minecraft Work?

The “Level Up Maps” modification for Minecraft PE uses your Google account to save maps. That way, if the player were to change phone or delete the game, they would lose all of the changes they made to their map.

To reload from scratch, log out of your account, load up the app and create a new one. After re-creating a map with a new Google account, all previous changes will be lost, and one will need to start over again.

One can use the map leveling up program to create a map similar to the “Level Up Maps” in Minecraft PC. Players are advised to download a free trial version of Minecraft PE with unlimited money and infinite skill levels.
Maps Leveling Up in Minecraft


It’s easier to level up Minecraft maps on Android than it is to do so on iOS. However, iOS has more money purchases and more premium content than Android.

It takes time to figure out how to do so. For some weird reason, the “Level Up Maps” time limit works differently on Android and iOS, making things a little complicated.

The best advice is to spend money on something other than this or other cheap modifications or premium content.

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