How to Reload Chunks

Five Ways to Reload Chunks in Minecraft

Sometimes chunks will no longer load in Minecraft. The game will stop loading them and let you know there is an error in the mode. For that reason, we will discuss how to reload chunks in Minecraft so you can resume gameplay. Whether it be because of software updates, bad internet connection, or changing levels of detail, sometimes chunks will load poorly again and throw the game off balance. This makes your world go into a lag state where you can’t move your character, much less change the experience with blocks and items around him.

How to Reload Chunks in Minecraft Using a Resource Pack

Resource packs are one of the easiest ways to reload chunks in Minecraft. If the resource pack has to be newly applied and you exit and re-enter the game, it will fill the map and thus load new chunks for you to continue playing. Here is how you can do this step by step.

How to Reload Chunks in Minecraft

Reloading Chunks Using an External Resource Pack Folder

If your resource pack is less convenient than using a resource pack or a resource pack that doesn’t have an equivalent within your game, try this method of changing it externally. Open up %appdata%\roaming\.minecraft\resourcepacks and change the name of the resource pack. Now exit Minecraft and enter it again, the new resource pack will take effect, and the chunks will reload.

Chunks Minecraft

Restarting Minecraft

One of the least preferred ways, but it can still get the job done if you don’t have access to a resource pack or server. It takes out all your saved data for Minecraft, then lets you start anew in a fresh version of Minecraft with fresh, newly loaded chunks. Here is how to do this step by step.

Resume Game to Reload Chunks

Another way to reload chunks in Minecraft is to resume your game. The game will reload the map upon entering it. This is simple but not very easy, as once you have been lagging, you’ll either have to suffer through an annoying experience of lag or reboot the game entirely.

Reload Chunks - Minecraft


Chunks will eventually stop loading while you’re in-game. That will make your game lag to the point of unplayability. Therefore, try to reload chunks in Minecraft in the above ways to get back into a game that has become unplayable.

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