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How Can I to Play Older Versions of Minecraft?

One of the top-rated games right now is Minecraft Pocket Edition. This game is highly-addictive, allows you to explore new worlds and build in an almost unlimited number of places, and has tons of mods that can expand the game even more. However, this game does not have the option to play older versions without installing a cracked or hacked version. There are three ways how to play older versions of Minecraft without worrying about getting in trouble with cracked software.

How to Play Older Versions of Minecraft with Flashbacks

One of the easiest ways to play an older version of Minecraft PE is by changing the version number in the profile settings. The best part about this method is that there won’t be any updates; therefore, you aren’t doing anything wrong, and there is no risk of getting in trouble.

How to Play Older Versions of Minecraft

Flashback versions sound like they sound. When you enable the flashback versions, you will get the same version released almost half a year ago. This a great way to play older versions without worrying about updating every time an update comes out or installing hacked APKs or mods for Minecraft PE.

Backup Method

The backup method is used on both iOS and Android devices. You will need a computer for this, but once you back up your device and reset it, you can easily restore it to the same or older version. Backup methods are also useful if you are worried about updating but want to try out the new features. This method is mainly used for gamers who want to play a previous version of Minecraft PE without updating their device.

Use iOS 8/9 to Play Older Versions of Minecraft

There are also many ways to play older versions of Minecraft PE without updating. One method uses the new features in the iOS software, while the other uses an old device you don’t mind losing.

Previous Versions of Minecraft

  1. First, you will need to download the iOS version of Minecraft PE on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. After that, you should go to Settings>General>Device Management on your device and update your firmware to 8 or 9 and then open Minecraft PE and enjoy the older version of your favorite game!

Use an Outdated Device

This method is often used by people who decide to get rid of their old device for a newer one, giving them more storage than they have now. However, the method is used on any other device that is not meant for gaming. Let’s say you have an old cheap phone, a tablet without much storage to install apps on, and some extra SD cards that you don’t mind losing. You can use the SD cards to get the earlier version of Minecraft PE for Android or iOS and then delete the older version from card storage by going to Settings>Storage>Deleted Data>Restore on your device.

No worries if you don’t want to mess with updating or installing mods in older versions of Minecraft PE! Using a hacked version, you can still enjoy these games whenever you want.

Play Old Minecraft version


Now you can play older versions of Minecraft without worrying about updating, installing hacked APKs, or using cracked software! Three easy ways to play older versions of Minecraft PE are here. Follow one of the easy methods and enjoy your favorite game with an older version!

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