Minecraft Versions

The Best Minecraft Versions Ever

Which Minecraft version is best for both Android and iOS? They are different from the computer version of Minecraft. The main difference is that the worlds play smaller than you would find on PCs. In addition, different features are available in mobile environments.

Which Minecraft Version is Best: Choosing Control Methods

There are several differences between the control methods of the computer version and the mobile version. The controls of the mobile version are less complicated.

Which Minecraft Version is Best?

  • The controls on iOS are directly controlled by touch. Therefore, you do not have to press any button or key to play some action feature.
  • The controls on Android systems can be used either by touch or larger buttons. But the direction of pressing buttons is always the same. You can not change the control method to a different one from the PC version. Scrolls, doors and other actions will work in smartphones with touchscreen and physical buttons.

Best 3D effects

Currently, the computer version is designed to display scenes with three dimensions. In contrast, the mobile version of Minecraft can only display two dimensions of a scene, and it also works in 2D.

World Updates

In addition to the size and style differences of the display interface, there are some differences between the computer version and mobile versions that are related to the world update rate:

Best Minecraft Version

  • The PC version has a block update rate of only one block every half second. The mobile version tends to occur in an updated block every second or even two blocks at once.
  • In terms of world structure and scene structure, there are completely different concepts in both Minecraft versions.

Different Game Worlds

The world of the mobile version is smaller than the PC version. The size of each map is 5 to 8 times bigger than that of the computer version. All mobile versions currently use a 16: 9 aspect ratio, making creating a larger map area easier.

  • The plot size in Minecraft is determined by the number of blocks in one plot. For example, if you create a small plot with only six blocks, then your whole plot will only be six plots.
  • In Minecraft, you can select plot sizes from 8×8 to 16×16, while in mobile versions, it is impossible to do this because most of them are 16×16 or 32×32 plots per block (which means that all shapes are square).

Minecraft Version


The best Minecraft version for your Android/iOS is the one that suits you best. You should consider the main features that you need. If you are using a PC, you can play the PC version of Minecraft. If you do not have a computer or want to play with someone else using their phone, you should use mobile versions for all devices; if you want to download and play offline, it depends on which device is best for your situation.

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