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Why Can’t My Friend Join My Minecraft World

A person who has ever played Minecraft on a mobile device (like an Android or an iOS phone or tablet), then they might already know how to create multiplayer worlds with their friends on those devices or even how to play with friends on different platforms (like Xbox One, PS4, PC, and even VR). However, what about Minecraft Pocket Edition? If one wants to play multiplayer with their friends, they might wonder why their friend cannot join Minecraft PE world. Below are the reasons. So let’s see why can’t my friend join my Minecraft World PE.

Keeping IP Address Private

Minecraft uses one IP address to find a server to connect players, but if it can’t find one running on a person’s IP, the game will have trouble finding and connecting you. The best way to ensure that nobody else sees the IP address is by using a VPN.

Why Can't My Friend Join my Minecraft World PE

A VPN makes it appear as if the player connection is coming from somewhere else, making it much more difficult for people on the same network to see what one does online.

Make Sure Your Server is Up-to-date

Minecraft servers are for everyone and their friends! If the player server is up-to-date, it’ll work on any device.

How to update your server

  • Open the game and tap Edit Profile from the home screen.
  • Tap Version at the top of the screen and choose a new version from the drop-down menu
  • Press Done.
  • Start your world or join one of your friend’s worlds.

Using the wrong Version

The problem is that the player is using the wrong Version of the game. For example, if a person has an iPhone and one has an Android, they will not be able to join your world because iPhones can only play the Pocket Edition of the game.

Joining Minecraft World PE

It does not matter whether one is online; one will not be able to find your world in the list of worlds.

Ask Your Friends to Do an IP Check

If you are the only one who can join your world, then there may be a problem with your friend’s IP address. To figure out the problem, try inviting them to join another world.

If they can join that world but not yours, it is likely an issue with their IP address. They can use sites like WhatIsMyIP or to find their IP address and get help resolving the issue. If they cannot join any worlds, something may be blocking access (such as a firewall), or there could be an issue with their internet service provider.

Bottom Line

The most likely cause of the player’s friend being unable to join your world is that they do not have the correct Version of the game. One can try to invite them back, but they would need to download and install the newest Version on their device before this works.

Minecraft World PE

Another possible issue is that they are not logged in. Make sure you log in with your account on their device before trying to invite or play with them.

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