Summon a Mob

Best Practices of Summoning Mobs without AI in Minecraft

Mob summoning refers to the creation of artificial life, such as skeletons, zombies, creepers or spiders from a mob spawner. These mobs will run around your world and provide you with protection or aid in drops such as gold, weapons or food. There are four ways how to summon a mob without AI in Minecraft. They vary in quality and ease by which it is accessible and does not require having cheats enabled.

How to Summon a Mob Without AI in Minecraft With a Spawn Egg

You can get these spawn eggs at spawn for 1$. Clicking on the rainbow mob spawner will give you a red egg which you can use to summon mobs.

The spawn egg is a helpful tool for summoning mobs without AI. If you have a spawner, you can throw the egg into it, and the mob will spawn.

How to Summon a Mob Without AI in Minecraft

These mobs can be summoned with the spawn eggs:

  • Zombie Pigman. It is not very dangerous when you summon it in that way. If there are 15 or more of them, they can be dangerous. Usually, they drop rotten flesh, gold nugget or weapons.
  • Your Mob. You can also use this egg as food to create your mob! Right-click any block when holding an egg to open the “Spawn Mob” menu.

Note: If you cannot obtain a spawn egg, please ensure that your server has not banned the command. You may need to purchase the client (Java7+) before getting a non-ban.

Mob Summoning Using a Command Block

The command block is an item that is used to summon mobs. The Command Block can do many things. It allows you to summon mobs from it and some other tricks and traps. So, you get a mob with AI.

The following mobs can be summoned with the command block:

  • They are small and dangerous mobs. These spiders will attack you from a distance, so it is not recommended to summon them in that way. You can also gather them with a spawn egg, for example! (See above)
  • It is very weak and cannot kill you instantly. It would depend on your armour. If you have at least 13 or more Skeletons, your character will die if they hit you in the head area (shown by red inventory). Skeletons do not drop anything when they die. Their loot is obtained by using bone meal on them.

 Summoning Mobs

Using the Spawn Ender Portal in Minecraft

The spawn ender portal is the best way to summon mobs without using AI. The spawn ender portal can be created in different ways.

It can be found by mining 12 bedrock, then you have to build a circular structure with a block of wool on top and bottom, so it looks like a person and put an eye on the ender on top. Then you have to throw an egg in there, and the mob will spawn!

The following mobs can be summoned with the ender portal:

  • Magma Cube. It is very dangerous than the non-mob cube because it will attack you from a distance. You can quickly tell the difference by their colour: red is non-mob, and blue is a mob.
  • The Enderman. They are extremely dangerous. If they reach you, they will kill you instantly! It is recommended to summon them with a spawn egg or the command block.
  • Ender Dragon. It is one of the most dangerous mobs in Minecraft! This means it may kill you instantly if you do not have armor, meaning armor will prevent this from happening. An Enderdragon can carry looted items and can also teleport between dimensions. Enderdragons have an explosion radius similar to undermine, which deals damage when it explodes.

Mobs in Minecraft


Hopefully, you learned a new way to summon mobs without using AI in Minecraft PE! A Minecraft Computer, Windows 10 is recommended for better compatibility with the game than Windows 8 or 8.1.

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